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Will Canada be your next education destination?

50+ CTL Canada Schools – 50 Global sites – 5 Years

20,000+ students year after year from 2024

Soon INTEREST FREE STUDENT LOANS available for students planning Post-Graduate Diploma in Canada and planning to make Canada their FUTURE HOME under CTL's Canada My Future Home program

CTL's Mission

To transform global students into bold world leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs by making Canadian Education accessible and affordable through our programs and services

CTL Education's core focus?

20,000 International students into Canada by 2024 working directly through CTL Education and through our Education partners

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CTL's own 50 Schools in 50 Countries within 5 years plan

CTL's Education Loan program for Canada Bound students


CTL Education Conceiege Programs including Counselling, Immigration, Travels, Insurance and Settlement, Job finding and Emergency services.

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CTL Education's All-in-One Service

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We will help you get access to Canadian education

We will assist and support you getting settled in Canada

We provide necessary immigration, travel accommodations and insurance support

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About CTL Education

CTL Education is a Canadian private education facilitator. We help international students to get access to Canadian education using advanced or applied programs through CTL's own education programs as well via our trusted Canadian-based school partners.

Since 2018, the founder of CTL has travelled over 120,00km discovering education options for International Students of the age of 14 and beyond. Canada is the No. 3 chosen destination for international students with numbers expanding by an average 13% per year (leading to 1 million by 2024)

CTL Education provides a unique educational experience to students worldwide by facilitating not only education but also supporting services for Canadian access and settlement. This differentiates CTL Education from other traditional educators.

CTL Education recognizes that globally, there is a lack of higher education, especially in emerging communities. We want to provide students with the opportunity to transform their lives and make our Canadian education more accessible and affordable worldwide.

CTL provides a full service system including immigration support, travel accommodations, financial assistance, securing employment, settlement, and other services.

Canadian Programs

CTL Education offers a variety of different programs for different age groups worldwide.

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Why choose CTL Education?

We prepare our students for a successful future via CTL-Youth Leadership and Career training, expanded guidance and other support programs

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We offer a welcoming environment for our students to make sure they don't feel alone in the process. We also provide mentoring and psychology support for our students to hold them at an optimum and healthy space to achieve success in their chosen academic and career path.

By supporting students to think, behave and function as the next generation of leaders taking humanity to the future through state-of-the-art learning and leadership

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CTL Education is dedicated to ensuring your success and smooth transition into a leading Canadian College or University. Unlike traditional school systems, we focus on taking care of the student during and after their studies.

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International Students Age: 14 -18

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You will recieve a customized curriculum and learning plans targeted to help you improve and meet specific requirements needed by leading Canadian Universities and Colleges in a 12 month period


This program is composed of the 8 grade-12 courses that prepares students with the prerequisites required to deliver the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)


Develop your English skills and abilities in CTL Education's quality English courses and programs. Build your English Language skills from anywhere in the world through interactive online classes


This is for individuals who are looking to achieve personal objectives. Complete one or more courses to hit your necessary GPA goals or academic achievements.

Students age of 24-40

CTL Education will facilitate your post graduate diploma at a leading a Canadian College or University and help you throughout the process to get settled in Canada.

CTL Education will construct a program catered to the individual's needs and based on their career path with the help of assessment partners.

CTL Education will help you in the application process for the post graduate diploma and assure that you meet all necessary requirements to secure your acceptance. CTL education will then assist with travel accommodations and be there to address any of your concerns regarding immigration procedures and policies.

After entry to Canada, you are then provided with a platform where you will be able to access all the services available and have support from a live agent to assist with any inquiries you may have.

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Class of University Students

Domestic Students

CTL Education has a variety of school partnerships which gives a lot of flexibility and options to our domestic students living in Canada. Whether they would like to upgrade their previous credits for a higher grade, or they decided to go down a different path and want to change their careers, or simply looking to get the education they never had access to, CTL Education will help you get there.

CTL Education can also help you in the application process for University and College programs and assure that you meet all necessary requirements to secure your acceptance. We want to make sure students have all the necessary tools, because a lot of institutions just provide the text book knowledge needed to graduated but not the real life skills needed to succeed and become a leader in society.

CTL Education provides multiple services such as private tutoring, leadership programs and potentially financial lending towards your advanced or applied education leading you to premium jobs.

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Our Mission

To transform global students into bold world leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs through making Canadian Education accessible and affordable through our programs and services

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CTL's all-inclusive services

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Immigration Consultancy

We have our trusted parties help you navigate the stressful world of immigration. We assist with applications, reviewing information, and helping disputes.

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Health Services

Our staff will assist students in applying for health insurance and explain to them the procedures in visiting doctors or hospital and submitting claims

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CTL Private Tutoring

CTL Education's Canadian Educators will be there to support students with live 1-on-1 tutoring and extended support to ensure students succeed in the courses they may struggle with.

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CTL Leadership Program

Access to Canadian and global industrial leaders through our accredited leadership and performance coaches

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Travel Accommodations

CTL Education will provide students with travel accommodations. Taking care of finding the best deals for our students, booking flights and planning arrival.

careers guidance

Psychology and Career Support

In-house employed Career Counsellors, Performance Coaches, and Psychological support

Our Trusted Partners

CTL Education utilizes a series of partner organizations in order to be able to provide an exceptional service to our students. We believe in making Canadian education accessible and affordable to everyone around the world, in order to achieve this, we have teamed up with Canadian based companies and schools to be able to provide an all-in-one service. International students will no longer have to spend several days and weeks looking for the right school, travel accommodations, immigration hassle and much more, when CTL Education will take care of all the necessities and guide you through the process to ensure the best possible results.

Our Premium Partners

and others>>>

A Message from our Founder

CTL’s passion is to share education with humanity, to transform their lives towards a better future for themselves, their loved ones, their community, their nation and for the betterment of this beautiful planet.

Since 2018, my team and I have been travelling the world presenting Canada’s position on education, healthcare and what it is like to be a Canadian connected to global communities. Sharing human values and opportunities can be presented through education. My position to the world is “Education is the Best Currency”

I am not sure you are aware; Canada has been the world’s most searched destination for studying aboard while consistently No. 3 in the choice of global students after USA and UK as their chosen education destination.

Over 642,000 students arrived in Canada for the year 2019 to 2020 and over 60% of these students made Canada to be their future home. Canada is expecting to welcome over 1 million students by 2024 and I am hoping you will be part of the 1 Million through CTL’s services and support.

As a final note, through our services and support at CTL, we hope that either you or your family member will consider Canada to be your choice destination and your future home. As a proud Canadian and Humanitarian, my team and I are looking forward to supporting you through your choice of education and your stay in Canada.

With Warm Heart and Humility,


“If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” – Chinese Proverb


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